SkyTeam Motorcycles

Skyteam 200cc dirt bike

Designed for the weekend warrior, the ST200 has smooth power delivery and plenty of torque making it the ideal dirt bike for crawling along tight trails or charging full speed in the wide open.  The quiet stainless exhaust makes it friendly for camping, hunting and sneaking away on a Sunday morning.  Dual disc brakes with an oversized rotor on the front makes for effortless stopping. This bike was sold as the United Motors (UM) DTF200. Our ST 200 parts are interchangeable. 

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Designed for the Teen

Skyteam 150cc dirt bike

Here is the answer for everyone too big for a mini and too short for a full size dirt bike.  The SkyTeam 150cc ST150 is designed for the medium built rider, with its 16 inch rear wheel and a 19 inch from wheel, it is perfect for introducing adults to the joy of motorcycling.  This bike includes the newest technology, like front and rear disc brakes and single shock rear suspension.  It’s easy to start with the push of a button or manual kick.  This is the perfect beginner bike or teaching bike; the clutch is smooth and easy and first gear takes the rider along at about the same speed as the instructor.  As the rider learns, the suspension and top gears will give plenty of challenge and fun in the trails!
This bike is the same body and frame as the UM ST125. We probably have the part you need.

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Skyteam 125cc dirt bike

The after-market parts, such as Aluminum Triple Clamps, Aluminum Handle Bars, Disc Brakes, Heavy Duty Suspensions, Oversized Cylinder, Trick Exhaust, Skid Plate, Anodized Aluminum Wheels, Aluminum Swing Arm and more, add up to save you thousands of dollars.  This is a super fast, super reliable Pit Racer with all the trick parts and the bonus of electric start.

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Kid's Models

Skyteam 110cc dirt bike

This bike boasts a powerful, dependable and smooth four-stroke engine, with a four-speed transmission and automatic clutch that makes it the perfect play bike for anybody.  The electric start makes your ride begin with the push of a button and you can rely on stopping as fast as possible with the large rotor of the hydraulic front disc brake.

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Skyteam 50cc dirt bike

This mini is designed with familiarity in mind.  Based on a popular design, with the added benefit of electric start.  Completely finished to the highest standards, this little 120lb four-stroke will put a smile on every face in the family.

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Need Parts for Other Brands?

Our parts are designed to fit SkyTeam bikes and ATVs in Canada and United Motors dirt bikes in the USA.  They will also cross over to most other Chinese manufactured motorcycle of similar cc size.  Measure before placing your order and be sure.  We have a huge selection of Chinese motorcycle parts and will do our best to find the correct part for your Chinese motorcycle or ATV.  If it fits a Canadian SkyTeam bike, we have it in stock.

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We stock all of our parts in BC Canada and are ready for shipping on the day of your order. We have a huge selection of Chinese motorcycle parts and will do our best to find the correct part for your Chinese motorcycle or ATV.   Our ST150 is the same body style as the American ST125.  Many parts are interchangeable.